Online-PR and Media-Relations

4D Projects Online-PR Specialists


Online-PR drives traffic toward your site
It's a common mistake to spend lots of money building an online business, but never promote it. 4D Projects will get your business talked about by the people you need to reach and make your website be visited by them. We create PR and communications strategies that unlock the power of online media to meet your business objectives. We can create unique and innovative communications solutions, including guerilla marketing and social media.
Additionally, pr-activites strengthe your rankings in search engines.

PR, as opposed to advertising, promotes companies, products, services or websites via editorial coverage. There are thousands of public relations firms, the majority of them promoting products and services in a traditional way. But more and more potential customers will get their first impression of your business on the internet. Online PR is very effective and much cheaper than traditional advertising. With online PR you will be found in on-and offline media.

4D Projects PR-Services
4D Projects has extensive experience in public relations and media relations and works with the leading press agencies. Our team of digital specialists pushes the boundaries of the traditional PR world. We can help you create and distribute excellent content like press-releases, webpages, videos, blog entries, fanpages, mobile websites and much more. We are experts in online and social media and have our own in-house webdesigner, who can build stunning promotional websites – something that other PR agencies simply cannot compete with.

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