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4D Projects Online-Games as Marketing-Tools or atractive Entertainment Content


Online games make web pages more interesting
In addition to looking for information, the main motives for surfing the Internet are curiosity, entertainment and diversion. Online games attract a correspondingly high level of attention, and form some of the most popular entertainment content. Millions of hits on a single game are no exception – fun for the user, and great news for anyone advertising on such a page.

Online games offer a high return on investment (at favourable starting prices).
Online games quickly ensure a high number of visitors and page impressions for a web page, and guarantee a long stay by the visitor on the page. Online games are the most effective advertising and marketing tools on the Internet. Online games are far superior to other forms of advertising, especially when combined with prize games. As one of the leading specialists in online games,
4D Projects has the necessary background and the right contacts to turn out successful games projects.

Online games turn a web page into a sought-after address
Online games can be placed on the clients own homepage, although this is not a must. Depending on brand awareness or the product in question, an online game may be better placed on a website that is searched for and visited by millions of Internet users. The range of services available from 4D Projects therefore includes finding good game placements or sponsoring partners - in addition to a host of other services. These range from consultation to the design of new games, adaptation of existing games to any corporate image, graphic and technical implementation and on through to the marketing of the game.

More Entertainment Content
Besides Games 4D Projects provides more attractive, rich content, especially in the entertainment area.
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